Track Client Attendance Record

Accept Payments & Track Client Balances

Track Group Sizes & Staff Case Loads

Track Due Dates & Get Alerts

"...gone are the days when I used to get embarrassed at audit time. I can now keep my staff accountable and prevent problems before they get worse"

~ Denise H.C. LMHC, MCAP. Executive Dir. Solutions Behavioral Healthcare Consultants Largo FL.


the most flexible Group Therapy Practice Management app for Therapists

(we are awesome at individual therapy management too)

We built this Full Suite Mental Health Practice Software in consultation* with:

◉  Licensed Mental Health Counselors,

◉  The Department of Corrections,

◉  The Federal US Probation Office,

◉  The Drug Court & Veterans Court,

◉ The Department of Children and Families.

Therapax® is aligned to the statement of work as well as all requirements of these agencies

"I wish more providers knew about this… it’s a total game changer"

~ Florida Department of Corrections Auditor

We can get you started in 4 easy steps

We Create An Account & Add Your Team Members

We Import Your Existing Clients & Documents

We Create Your Clinical Forms—or simply tweak ours

You're Now Ready To Start Using Therapax®

We Included Tons Of Features, These Are The Most Popular Among Therapax® Users


No matter where they are or what device they’re using, your staff can use Therapax® without any headache. with seamless cloud technology, just log in and get going.


Use our existing form library or we can customize them specifically for you. From Assessments to Treatment Plans, Progress Notes to Discharge Reports. We’ve got you covered.


No more “print screen” or sending out huge ugly forms to your referrers. Our intelligent forms generate beautiful PDF reports WITH SUMMARIES that are customizable to your standards and specifications.


Make your life easier by collecting signatures from wherever you are working. Collect signatures on every Therapax® form. Whether on laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Signatures are responsive and easy to enter on any device.


Using our wallet feature you can not only accept credit card payments, you can also save client payment methods for future payments. You can also log cash and check payments and keep a detailed running balance


Our calendar feature helps you to easily create and view one-time or recurring events. for multiple staff members. Therapax® also lets you see how many appointments were no-shows, rescheduled or attended.


Therapax® provides you a visual of your current group sizes as well as your projected future group sizes based on your treatment progress data. This helps you manage your resources better, as well as stay compliant with state regulations. 


Reminders for what’s due and when. will keep you organized and compliant with all your contractual requirements. Also helps you manage your staff more effectively, by making sure their alerts are cleared You will never lose sleep over an audit ever again.


Store your client's case documents in one place. Save and view Photo IDs maintain payment record and balances, in one location. Automatically track treatment progress, attendance and schedule appointments 


Our system allows you to add Tags to your Client's Profile. This helps you separate your clients by services, referral source, billing type etc.You can create your as many tags as you'd like. 


Any mobile phone, any tablet, any computer Therapax® will look awesome on all of them. Desktop, tablet and smartphone, all living in happy harmony.


Therapax® allows you to send and log emails sent to referral sources, clients or other agencies. You can attach documents and even view what you sent. This provides you proof in case of an audit.


Forms that adapt to your answers and automatically generate summaries allow you to Document your case work faster so you can get back to doing what you do best. Changing lives.


Store all client documents in Therapax®.  You can also scan business documents like government documents, training aids, insurance policies. You can organize and store them in Therapax®.

VIP Features Included

✓  Free 30-day trial

✓  Pricing guarantee

✓  Free client data import 

✓  Incredible tech support

✓  Unlimited clients, appointments, and notes

✓  Automatic software updates

✓  Secure, worry-free backups

✓  Payment Processing

✓  PDF Document Generation

✓  In-App email sending

✓  Document Storage (based on Plan Level) 

Optional Addons

+ Form Customization

+ Additional file storage

+ Uploading Existing Client Documents

+ Additional Users

"Overall we couldn't be more happy with our decision. It has been so easy to manage our clients' services, manage groups, organize client documents and appointments on Therapax. Your customer service team have always gotten back to us quickly with help whenever we've run into small issues along the way"

Marci Jones MS. CAP, RMHCI, CMHP
Clinical Director

Here is our commitment to you:

Our Unlimited Clients Promise

We will never limit the number of clients you have on Therapax®

Our Fast Training & Support Promise

We will walk you step by step through your transition to Therapax® 

Our Open To Your Suggestions Promise

our team wil allways be open to your ideas that improve Therapax®

Frequently Asked Questions


The Therapax® team of live support specialists are ready to help you with your specific issue.

Our support team have a distinct knowledge of your system as well as any customizations that we have done to it.

We provide a wide range of support options and (with your permission) can remotely to assist you and your staff with whatever issue you may be having.

The primary focus of our development team has been to build a super simple to use system.  We wanted our interface to be super intuitive.

Most staff regardless of technology experience can learn to use the system in a matter of hours.

Our training staff have extensive experience working in the behavioral health field and will teach your staff everything from how to use the system to how to organize their office to use the system while a client is with them.

We also offer ongoing training materials, on demand, step-by-step walkthroughs and a video library that they can look back to for continued support.

Unlike most mental health software, we do not charge per client, no matter if you have 1 client or 20,000.

So you can use your account with as many clients (past and present) and never have to worry about extra charges.

There are no hidden costs to using Therapax®.

However, there are additional services we provide that you may choose to use such as our Credit Card Processing service, Form Customization services and Custom PDF Generation service.

See our Pricing Page for additional details.

All annual subscribers can pay by check if they so choose.

Monthly subscribers currently have to pay by credit card or ACH direct withdrawal from your bank.

Want to discuss payment?

Send us a note we will be glad to help!

No contracts on monthly plans, just pay as you go, and you can cancel any time without penalty.

You can also switch between plans at any time, and you'll be prorated for time spent on each plan during the month.

You can, however, switch to an annual plan for a significant discount.

Therapax® works beautifully on any device with absolutely nothing to install

Any computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection and a modern browser can access the software.

We support and recommend Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

Therapax® is HIPAA compliant.

Securing your data was a major priority for us. Hence when we started building our Application, we created the foundation on a HIPAA-ready platform with the industry's best Continuous Delivery Experience.

The healthcare industry is living proof of how challenging it is to modernize application delivery while meeting strict compliance requirements. All you have to do is compare the user experience of most healthcare apps with what you have come to expect from apps in less regulated industries like e-commerce, productivity and social networks.

The Healthcare apps look old, out-dated and straight out of the 80's. This is because it's simply too hard to evolve and modernize old-school healthcare apps today because they are delivered using outdated, rigid platforms and practices.

At Therapax®, we are doing our small part to change this. The result was that we built a beautiful healthcare app that is capable of handling protected health information (PHI) in compliance with the United States HIPAA framework.

All data in Therapax® is also encrypted using SSL in transit, and encrypted at rest.

This is primarily based on how much existing data you are bringing in as well as how detailed your customizations are (if needed).

However, we make it super easy to import your existing clients by providing you with a spreadsheet template and guide you on how to use it.

While you work on that template we will be busy working behind the scenes to customize your forms, templates etc according to your specifications.

Since you have no hardware or software installations we can get you up and running in a matter of just a few days.

No problem!

Our technology allows us to make any requested change, even after initial development and implementation.

Better yet, if the changes are mandated for accreditation, there is no cost to you!

While we own the intellectual rights to our software, you own all your data entered into the system and can request it at any time.

We will never sell, or use your data in any way beyond helping you with client care. We may use your email, phone and address to contact you to better deliver our services.


Using our customization service (one-time fee), we can create a form for you and a template that matches your existing form layout. All we'll need is a PDF or Document version of your form and we'll work our magic!

But wait there's more...(haha sorry we couldn't help it)

We will go one step further, our system will even complete those pesky government required forms for you!

Just get us the form, and we'll generate an exact match 1 for 1

Our team is happy to guide you through the Customization Service.


As part of our setup service, we help you migrate your data in order to convert your legacy data into Therapax®


Yes, you can!

We offer multiple different pricing models.

Since some of our clients are non-profit, we price accordingly for those practices with more limited financial resources.


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